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Night time routine

At the end of a long day my favorite moment is when I am getting ready for sleep as my new night time routine is full of relaxing tips and self care products.It wasn’t always like that , for example I spent hours on my phone before bed which was terrible for my sleeping schedule and I was feeling tired all the time so I decided to make some lifestyle changes.

First things first I make myself comfortable-I wear a nice set of pyjamas,remove my makeup and my jewellery and turn off all the strong lighting.Little things like my favorite candle burning or a cup of hot tea are super cosy and help a lot too.

Skincare routine is nesseccary.I use minimum products focused on moisturising my skin but heavy night creams don’t seem to work for me.I invested in a good Jade facial roller by Yu Ling which feels very soothing and I gently massage my face, neck and eye area for about 5 minutes(or more if I am not too sleepy).It boosts circulation and my skin looks very glowy and it is less puffy the morning after too.Then I use my trusty Caudalie Beauty Elixir which moisturises my skin in the most light and gentle way and its scent feels like aromatherapy ,it helps when I am feeling stressed and tired.Lanolips 101 ointment is the best multi use moisturising product as I use it for my lips, hands,cuticles and elbows.It’s a little bit heavy so I use it only before bed but it does such a great job!

I put my electronics away for at least an hour before bed.Instead I am reading a book, I am really old school here but it relaxes my mind the most. I am currently reading  “A Doll’s house” by Henrik Ibsen which is amazing.While I am reading I massage my face with the roller and it’s the most relaxing thing.Then I spray my pillows and covers with a new favorite product the Deep sleep pillow spray by This Works which smells divine – it contains pure essential oils Lavender , Vetivert and Chamomile and it makes me feel sleepy and calm in seconds .

It’s an organic routine that helps my mind and body to relax and get ready for the next day.”Me time” is very important and we should all make time for it.

Love Lou!


7 Favorite Instagram Accounts | Style & Inspiration

Instagram is for sure my favourite social media platform.So many different accounts with unique aesthetic provide quick information, direct communication and of course they are a huge source of inspiration.I will talk you the 7 accounts that I follow constantly and every time I gain something special.

Violette violette_fr

I discovered her on Youtube and her colourful,full of makeup and interior designs Instagram account became one of my favorites.A french makeup artist that doen’t focus only on the “red lips-nude eyes” look and also the Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director  .

Marianna Hewitt marianna_hewitt

If you searched on Pinterest about the perfect balayage then Marianna Hewitt will be all over your feed with her amazing hairstyles,that’s how I found her.Professional Blogger and Youtuber with excellent aesthetic,she loves pinks and neutrals and she owns the most balanced Instagram account.

Alice Catherine alicecatherine

Alice Catherine is a UK based Blogger with an amazing 60’s-70’s inspired style.She can make any fashion piece look like it’s vintage and I discovered so many alternative brands through her Instagram account.

Lucy Williams lucywilliams02

Lucy Williams has one of the most interesting fashion tastes out there but she shares a lot about beauty and travel too.I love her mix and match style, her no-makeup makeup looks and of course her Missoma jewellery lines-I have a few pieces on my wishlist .

Jeanne Damas jeannedamas

A modern fashion icon with Jane Birkin vibes ,model and founder of RoujeJeanne Damas shares her Parisian lifestyle that makes me want to buy her entire shop!

Kate LaVie katelavie

I’ve been following Kate’s blog and Youtube channel since her username was Ghostparties but her Instagram is my favorite.I love how she combines everything so beautifully in her posts,her bag collection and of course her house decoration which can replace Pinterest.


Lucy Connelly lucyflorals

Lucy Connelly is my fashion inspiration as I prefer minimal designs too.I love the way that she photographs her looks making even a plain, white T-shirt look amazing.

These Instagram accounts are the first that I check everyday but I would love to discover more so I’m looking forward to your recommendations .

Love Lou!

(photo credits :violette_fr,marianna_hewitt ,alicecatherine ,lucywilliams02 ,jeannedamas ,katelavie ,lucyflorals)




What’s in my Bag

My handbag carries my entire day and that’s why it’s my most important outfit choice -Of course I am a handbag lover and I can’t resist on a practical but at the same time stylish piece

I found all I needed on this beauty , the Lancaster Paris Camelia Small Handle Bag in Red (you can buy it here) .

It’s spacious without looking bulky and it has a detachable strap that makes it the perfect shoulder bag . I love the bright red colour ,the amazing leather quality and the light gold metallic details .

What’s in this bag then ?


The basics like keys , purse , phone etc are always in my bag but the extras are those that make every handbag content unique.

My extras are

  • Caudalie Eau de Beauté Elixir  so that I can refresh my face and makeup during the day
  • My Celine Audrey Sunglasses – it’s my day to night handbag and I can’t go anywhere without my sunglasses (they are great for the ‘no makeup’ days too)
  • Nars Velvet Lip Pencils in red shades to match my handbag (Famous Red,Dragon Girl,Red Square)
  • My perfume oil Maison Louis Maire No.04 Bois De BalincourtI am obsessed with this perfume oil  ,exclusive blog post is coming soon
  • Hand sanitiser – Clean hands are always super important and especially when I use public transportation 
  • Gluten free snacks – I need something sweet during the day to keep me going
  • Eye drops – I have super dry eyes as I work in front of a screen all day and these Systane Ultra ones are the best

What’s in your bag?

Love Lou!