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Easy Gluten Free Recipes

Being a celiac means that i had to adopt a gluten free lifestyle which was hard at the beginning but it gave me the chance to discover so many new flavours and develop my cooking skills.

As i don’t want to spend my entire day in the kitchen i found quick and easy recipes that everyone can make.

Avocado Toast 









I love avocado and i can eat all day, everyday on toasted gluten free bread with tomato and greek extra virgin olive oil.

Nutella Brownies

This recipe is the easiest and the most delicious one.My friends don’t believe me when i say that i need only 3 ingredients to make it.Sometimes i add chopped white and milk chocolate or peanut butter with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Pizza Zucchini

These alternative pizza bites are the perfect dish if you have to avoid gluten and grains but you want something quick and tasty.I also tried it with sweet potato chips as a base and they were delicious.

Mini Chocolate Frozen Bananas

I have a sweet tooth but i can’t eat Nutella Brownies all the time so these frozen bananas topped with chocolate and almonds are my guilt free dessert choice.

These are my top easy gluten free recipes and i can’t wait to read yours!

Love Lou!


photo credits : Little Broken,Kirbie’s Cravings,Sweet c’s,She likes food