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5 simple steps for Juicy Lips

Juicy,full lips are the ultimate trend and the beauty industry knows – always knows. There is no reason to try every “fuller lips in 5 secs” product or get injections or fillers when all you need is in your beauty bag.

With the right lip treatment and only 3 makeup products you can create a chic , full pout avoiding all the pain and of course spending less money.

Lip care is as important as makeup

If your lips are dry and dehydrated then no amount of makeup will make them look good. Remove any dead skin by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush or use a lip scrub 1-2 times a week. Then apply your favorite lip balm or a lip butter for extra moisture – my top product is the Avène Cold cream-and you are ready for the next step – makeup .


Lip pencil-Lipstick-Lipgloss – That’s all you need

Lip plumpers,35 different lipstick and lip pencil shades for ombre effects, who has time for that?I use only 3 products , I just choose the texture and the shades that help me to create a juicy look .

  1. Nude Lip pencil . I line my lips following my natural shape and this nude-brownish tone creates a shadow that gives me more volume – in other words Lip Contouring . Shiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil no701
  2. Light(but not “concealer looking” light) Lipstick . Darker lipsticks make your lips look smaller so choose light,nude ones close to your natural lip colour . I prefer peachy-pinks as they look great with every makeup look. NARS Audacious Lipstick Brigitte
  3. Lipgloss . The magic product that creates the 3D effect as it catches the light perfectly and your lips look healthy and moisturized.Clear or coloured, apply a small amount on the centre of your lips and blend the lip pencil and lipstick together.Hourglass Lipgloss Reflect

Keeping up with the trends is great but you should adapt them to your own style and personality . Just be the best version of yourself and not another clone of some celebrity or influencer.

Please no more duck lips!

Love Lou!


It’s a haul | KIKO Milano

I discovered KIKO when I visited Italy but the stores where always overcrowded and wasting my time trying to shop was a holiday no-no.Recently we found a more quiet store in Germany so I decided to give them a try.I asked you on Instagram about your favorite KIKO products and I bought most of them minus the blushes and the lipsticks as I own way too many.

First of all you recommended the Long lasting Twist Eyeshadows so I did a good research and they seem to be Laura Mercier and Βy Terry dupes so I had to buy them.I chose the shades that suit me more and they are actually their best sellers.I bought the shades Rosy Brown no05,Golden Brown no06 and no38 Golden taupe.Their formula is amazing, they glide on smoothly and you have plenty of time to blend them before they dry.When they dry they stay in place all day and they are very comfortable on my lids.The shades are beautiful, they compliment my eye colour but they have a little bit extra shimmer for my taste that comes through more when you blend them.If you like a sparkling finish then go for it but I am a satin or matte eyeshadow fan so I prefer using them more as an eyeliner.They cost 7E each and for a drugstore product their quality and their packaging is great.

Then you recommended the Water Eyeshadows so I bought the shade that catched my eye, the no200 Champagne.It’s a lovely light golden beige with lots of shimmer and I like it for the inner eye corner.The texture is buttery,the pigment is great and you can apply it wet or dry.I will definitely buy more shades like the coppery and burgundy.I love this one!

Last but not least the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara  which was a must buy in every message of yours.It has an interesting wand which offers a voluminous effect and it actually works.The formula is bit heavy though so I don’t know if it’s suitable for girls with straighter lashes than mine,maybe the waterproof one will hold the curl better.Also it became flaky and dry after a few hours so I think that it didn’t suit me well.It’s a best seller thought so it might work for you.It costs 9E.

L-R | Water E/s no200,Stick E/s no05,no06,no38

KIKO is an affordable brand with lots of products and an amazing shade range so you will definitely find something new for your makeup bag.Ciao!



January Favorites

I love January as it’s my birthday month and festive season is still on for us.It’s the colder month of the year and I tend to try lots of new hydrating products, I do my makeup a little bit stronger and my wardrobe is total black (ok with hints of grey and navy blue) . During Winter my hair and body are so dry and I have to use balms and oils everyday.Those gems became my go-to products and I know that I will keep using them all year round.

Avène released a new body range, I tried the Body Moisturizing Melt-in Balm and I am in love .It’s suitable for sensitive, dry skin like mine and the formula is fantastic – it’s lightweight, super hydrating and it absorbs in second leaving my skin smooth and moisturized.It has the signature,clean Avène scent which is sophisticated and gentle (my favorite kind) and it became a staple of my me-time routine.
I have to take care of my coloured hair so I try lots of oils but sometimes they are a bit heavy for my hair type.The Kérastase Elixir Ultime  is my monthly favorite as it’s lightweight yet moisturizing and the pump makes it very easy to use.Also big thumbs up for the soft pink and gold packaging, love it!
I like a good,smudged black eyeliner during Winter because it softly defines my eyes and it’s wearable day to night.All you need is a good eye pencil and a smudge brush or a q-tip to make it softer.The Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place Eye pencil in Onyx is long-lasting and pigmented , you can easily create a wing but it’s great for the waterline too.I love wearing it with mascara only on my top lashes and a pinky-nude lipgloss for a fresh,girly look.The Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer is my top beauty discovery – well it’s not actually a discovery as every blogger and Youtuber talks about it so it would be impossible not to try it and it’s definitely worth the hype.It’s a multitasking concealer, great for both under my eyes and for the rest of my face (red spots and imperfections). It has a velvet finish and medium coverage that make it the perfect concealer.I have the shade Vanilla which is a bit light for me so I will try the Crème brûlée and the Custard one asap.
This month I have also a fashion favorite – of course it would be a bag.I love minimal bags without a crazy, in your face logo and French brands suit me the best.A recent purchase that I’ve been wearing all the time is the A.P.C Demi Lune ,a cross-body bag in my favorite black colour (it comes in so many colours) and textured leather as I can’t stand scratches or colour transferring from my clothes.It’s a bloggers’ favorite and I can definitely see why – it’s a very chic and effortless bag, it costs less that the high fashion designers pieces and it fits so many things like a big wallet,sunglasses,a small makeup bag, keys etc.
It compliments all my outfits casual and formal ones and I know that I will wear it for years.A good bag is an investment for my wardrobe and I do lot of research before every purchase.My next one is going to be a backpack so please let my know about your favorite.
 These are my January Favorites,the crème de la crème of the products that I tried so feel free to share yours,I really want to know what you loved the past month.
Love Lou! <3


2018 Beauty Goals

February is almost here , I am getting back in blogging shape and I though that it was about time to share my 2018 beauty goals with you.This year I am done with goals like “drink 10 glasses of water” or “go to the gym 4 times a week”,I decided to make self care a priority so that I’ll be more connected to my body, mind and spirit.It sounds cheesy I know but I am serious about it. As I won’t create monthly goals lists (and I really-really like creating lists) I will set some beauty goals and I hope that by the end of the year I will tick off the most of them .

1.HUGE Makeup Collection Declutter

Reading the The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo I realised the benefits of minimalism and I am trying to practice them as much as I can.My makeup collection is out of control so it’s time for a huge declutter.All the products that don’t make it into my weekly routine will be kindly gifted to friends and family and those that are close to their expiration date will be recycled.I prefer quality over quantity and I don’t need 20 different foundations for sure! 2.Everyday Makeup Bag

I try new products every single day which is fun but I need a makeup bag that contains my go-to products  like the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation ,the Goof Proop Eyebrow Pencil by Benefit or the NARS Soft Matte concealer so that I’ll save some time getting ready, be safe with a tested result and won’t worry about orange looking base and flaky mascara(been there, done that)

3.No more highlighters

The 1257895265 hilighters of my collection don’t suit the “go minimal” project so I’ll try to avoid new purchaces this year and use those that will survive the declutter.OK,I bought the Glossier Haloscope but but it was before I wrote this post.

4.Fuller Brows

In 2018 I will have the best shaped,fuller brows ever!I won’t touch them, trim them, wax them,I’ll let them grow and I know that it won’t be easy-luckily my bangs are a great help.Beauty tip:Apply some drops of castor oil and massage your brows every night and you will amazed by the results.

5.Go easy with hair changes

Every year I chop off my hair and return to my pixie haircut.Every year I become blonde and then brunette again.In 2018 I will take care of my hair, achieve the Lob that I want and I try a soft balayage instead of dramatic colour changes. 6.Invest in Skincare

Skincare is my passion and as I am close to my thirties(oh dear Lord) taking care of my skin is more important than makeup.I did a dermatologic test to check out my skin condition and find out which products really suit me.I’ll change my skincare routine asap!

7.Chemical free brands

Clean Beauty is my new thing so I am already testing chemical free products, doing research about the beauty industry and discovering new organic brands.One of my favorites is the Apivita hair colour which offers great coverage while minimizing the risk of allergies and also the new KORRES nail polishes with their amazing, long lasting formula free from 10 harmful chemicals.

8.Experts know best

As much as I enjoy doing my own nails while watching Gilmore Girls a nail artist knows best.My brows also look better after a professional waxing and dying my own hair is not fun at all.So this year I will trust the experts more and I will book my appointments as soon as possible.

No excuses,I won’t cut my hair and I won’t buy a new highlighter this year, it’s a promise!(I hope so)

Happy New year everybody!

Love Lou! <3


My Christmas Makeup

My Christmas look will be different this year.I am a classic “red lips-golden eyes” girl but I can’t be bothered about my makeup anymore.This year my goal is to have fun, eat and drink whatever I want, dance all night and create memories so the only makeup that suits my party mood is glittery smokey eyes of course!I like reddish colours for a holiday makeup and as I won’t wear a red lip I chose copper, gold and burgundy eyeshadows paired with a nude sheer lipstick.


As I focused on the eyes I wanted a sheer base and the ideal product for an effortless result is my trusty Nars Sheer Glow in Deauville – I applied it all over my face with a stippling brush for a more natural finish.For my highlighter I prefered  a subtle glow and the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Champagne Pop created the perfect balance, fresh and luminous skin.Now let’s move to the fun part, the eye makeup!Glitter glitter and more glitter!This is a five minute look,super easy and glamorous but you have to follow these steps so it will last all night.I applied a mix of burgundy and orange matte eyeshadows from the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Palette in Warm Rust on my crease and bottom lash line with a Mac 217 brush which blends everything like a dream.Then I used a small amount of Glitter Glue by Too Faced on the centre and front part of my lids as I wanted to secure the glitter eyeshadows which are my next step.I mixed the copper glitter eyeshadow Work it and the gold one Oh,it’s on from the Too Faced Glitter Palette and carefully placed them over the glue.On my inner corners I used the Glitter Dust by The Body Shop to give an extra glittery glow and blended towards the eyeshadows.I finished the eye makeup with lots of black mascara, a peach blush and a sheer nude lipstick by NARS ,my beloved Dolce Vita.I love this look as it’s festive and easy ,you can create it with every colour that suits you and you won’t worry about it for the rest of the night!

Merry Christmas!

Love Lou!


Primp Like a Parisian | French Pharmacy Must Haves

If you are a skincare fan like moi then a French pharmacy is your happy place.I remember when I visited Paris and I didn’t care at all about the clothing and makeup stores,I wanted to visit a French pharmacy and the experience was unique.So many brands, minimal aesthetic and great quality options,I was mesmerized.Skincare is very important for me and I am always inspired by French women who take care of their skin in a minimal but effective way.My favorite brands are of course La Roche Posay-I was lucky enough to be the Greek ambassador for 2015-2016 which gave me the chance to try almost all the products for my skin type – Bioderma ,Caudalie,Avene,Nuxe and many more.As these brands offer plenty of products I gathered my must haves that I always have in my collection and it’s actually my morning and night skincare routine.


First of all my Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellaire water that I can’t live without.It removes my eye makeup and cleanses my sensitive face perfectly.There are so many micellaire waters in the market but nothing is as good as the Bioderma Sensibio.Then I use the La Roche Posay Serozinc which calms my face a lot and preps it for the next steps.Serozinc is a very effective soothing spray that’s perfect for sensitive skintypes and works great as a mist before your moisturiser.If I won’t wear makeup Caudalie Beauty Elixir is my next step , I use it as a lotion as it hydrates my skin and adds a healthy glow.I use it also at night and as a glowy spray over my makeup.Then I use my Avene Hydrance serum that hydrates my face but it’s not heavy at all.It’s my night time serum too as I don’t like heavy creams and this is so light and effective.If I am going to wear makeup I use Embryolisse Lait Crème Concenté as my moisturiser and primer and it’s perfect for that.It’s a little bit heavy so I don’t apply it at night.As a primer it creates a smooth canvas and my foundation glides over like a dream.Of course I take care of my lips with the best Nuxe Reve de Miel ,I use it before lipstick or on its own day and night and my lips are super smooth and hydrated.One of my favorite hand creams is again by Nuxe the Reve de Miel one,amazing formula which is perfect for my dry hands and nails and it’s one of my bag’s staples.The last must have product for my facial beauty routine is my SPF and nothing compares to the La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Spray with SPF 50 – it’s a unique product that you can apply before and after your makeup, it’s transparent so it won’t affect your base and it’s so lightweight that you can’t feel it on your face.Last but not least the one and only product for my body care the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse ,an oil that you can use on your body, face and hair, it smells divine and it leaves my skin super soft .The scent lasts for ours, it gives a soft glow and I apply it after my shower while my skin is still wet -that’s my tip for body oils because they absorbed better this way.

I am a huge fan of French beauty and I am always trying to discover new products for my routine .I can’t wait to visit a French Pharmacy again so I need your skincare suggestions, which product is your must have?

Love Lou!