Growing out a pixie cut

I don’t know why but every time my pixie turns out to a short bob I chop it off again. Growing out your hair is not easy, there are so many stages, bad hair days are even more and shaving your head becomes an option but hold on, your bob is so close.

Go heatless

I used heat styling tools a couple of times a week and always after a good heat protector. During warmer months I let my hair air dry and washed it with cold water. My hair was super shiny and didn’t break at all.

Au naturel

During “helmet” hair stages I changed my colour a lot as I was so bored of having a bad hair day everyday. I just wanted to make my hair interesting again. Those stages are the biggest challenge as you don’t have enough length for highlights/lowlights so they won’t look good and bleach or dyes won’t help your hair growth. I chose shades close to my natural one so I didn’t have to dye it all the time and instead of highlights I prefered balayage which was more gentle and gave a natural dimension to the hair colour.

The Right Products 

From washing your hair to styling it, the right products are a game changer. A good shampoo and conditioner, a deep hydrating mask twice a week, hydrating oil and a heat protector is all you need.My favorite mask is by Macadamia the Deep Repair Mask and the oil that makes my hair smooth and shiny is by Alterna the Kendi Oil, I love it! Castor Oil is also one of my top hair products for extra hydration.


Grow out your hair means discovering every hair accessory out there, bobbi pins, headbands, clips. I have spare bobbi pins everywhere and scarves became my go-to hair accessory. I was so happy when I did my first mini ponytail with a hair tie.

Regular Haircuts

I know it sounds weird but having a haircut every 2-3 month will speed your hair growth. Your hair will become stronger, healthier and you will shape your bob faster.

I love changing my hair but I decided to take it slow this time and enjoy my bob that I wanted so much. Maybe a subtle colour change will be a good idea during Summer.

Love Lou!


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