2018 Beauty Goals

February is almost here , I am getting back in blogging shape and I though that it was about time to share my 2018 beauty goals with you.This year I am done with goals like “drink 10 glasses of water” or “go to the gym 4 times a week”,I decided to make self care a priority so that I’ll be more connected to my body, mind and spirit.It sounds cheesy I know but I am serious about it. As I won’t create monthly goals lists (and I really-really like creating lists) I will set some beauty goals and I hope that by the end of the year I will tick off the most of them .

1.HUGE Makeup Collection Declutter

Reading the The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo I realised the benefits of minimalism and I am trying to practice them as much as I can.My makeup collection is out of control so it’s time for a huge declutter.All the products that don’t make it into my weekly routine will be kindly gifted to friends and family and those that are close to their expiration date will be recycled.I prefer quality over quantity and I don’t need 20 different foundations for sure! 2.Everyday Makeup Bag

I try new products every single day which is fun but I need a makeup bag that contains my go-to products  like the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation ,the Goof Proop Eyebrow Pencil by Benefit or the NARS Soft Matte concealer so that I’ll save some time getting ready, be safe with a tested result and won’t worry about orange looking base and flaky mascara(been there, done that)

3.No more highlighters

The 1257895265 hilighters of my collection don’t suit the “go minimal” project so I’ll try to avoid new purchaces this year and use those that will survive the declutter.OK,I bought the Glossier Haloscope but but it was before I wrote this post.

4.Fuller Brows

In 2018 I will have the best shaped,fuller brows ever!I won’t touch them, trim them, wax them,I’ll let them grow and I know that it won’t be easy-luckily my bangs are a great help.Beauty tip:Apply some drops of castor oil and massage your brows every night and you will amazed by the results.

5.Go easy with hair changes

Every year I chop off my hair and return to my pixie haircut.Every year I become blonde and then brunette again.In 2018 I will take care of my hair, achieve the Lob that I want and I try a soft balayage instead of dramatic colour changes. 6.Invest in Skincare

Skincare is my passion and as I am close to my thirties(oh dear Lord) taking care of my skin is more important than makeup.I did a dermatologic test to check out my skin condition and find out which products really suit me.I’ll change my skincare routine asap!

7.Chemical free brands

Clean Beauty is my new thing so I am already testing chemical free products, doing research about the beauty industry and discovering new organic brands.One of my favorites is the Apivita hair colour which offers great coverage while minimizing the risk of allergies and also the new KORRES nail polishes with their amazing, long lasting formula free from 10 harmful chemicals.

8.Experts know best

As much as I enjoy doing my own nails while watching Gilmore Girls a nail artist knows best.My brows also look better after a professional waxing and dying my own hair is not fun at all.So this year I will trust the experts more and I will book my appointments as soon as possible.

No excuses,I won’t cut my hair and I won’t buy a new highlighter this year, it’s a promise!(I hope so)

Happy New year everybody!

Love Lou! <3

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