Night time routine

At the end of a long day my favorite moment is when I am getting ready for sleep as my new night time routine is full of relaxing tips and self care products.It wasn’t always like that , for example I spent hours on my phone before bed which was terrible for my sleeping schedule and I was feeling tired all the time so I decided to make some lifestyle changes.

First things first I make myself comfortable-I wear a nice set of pyjamas,remove my makeup and my jewellery and turn off all the strong lighting.Little things like my favorite candle burning or a cup of hot tea are super cosy and help a lot too.

Skincare routine is nesseccary.I use minimum products focused on moisturising my skin but heavy night creams don’t seem to work for me.I invested in a good Jade facial roller by Yu Ling which feels very soothing and I gently massage my face, neck and eye area for about 5 minutes(or more if I am not too sleepy).It boosts circulation and my skin looks very glowy and it is less puffy the morning after too.Then I use my trusty Caudalie Beauty Elixir which moisturises my skin in the most light and gentle way and its scent feels like aromatherapy ,it helps when I am feeling stressed and tired.Lanolips 101 ointment is the best multi use moisturising product as I use it for my lips, hands,cuticles and elbows.It’s a little bit heavy so I use it only before bed but it does such a great job!

I put my electronics away for at least an hour before bed.Instead I am reading a book, I am really old school here but it relaxes my mind the most. I am currently reading  “A Doll’s house” by Henrik Ibsen which is amazing.While I am reading I massage my face with the roller and it’s the most relaxing thing.Then I spray my pillows and covers with a new favorite product the Deep sleep pillow spray by This Works which smells divine – it contains pure essential oils Lavender , Vetivert and Chamomile and it makes me feel sleepy and calm in seconds .

It’s an organic routine that helps my mind and body to relax and get ready for the next day.”Me time” is very important and we should all make time for it.

Love Lou!

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